So What's Going On? Well...

Been a while since I updated everyone on here, but it looks like virtually nobody reads these anyway, so hey, for the few that may - here ya go.

Right now I'm working on a new menu for The Doughroom up in L.A..  I just finished a logo for their other restaurant, "Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen".  They're great people and when they re-open after this remodel one of my drawings (the Johnny Lawrence from the 100 Villains / 100 Days run) will be up on the wall.

When they get going, I will also be having a small show for some of my stuff there as well - which is hugely exciting.

So there's that, and the 1`00 Heroes. 100 Days run is also going on right now.  jump[ over to Facebook to take part in that.  Society 6 also featured a couple of my drawings from the 100 Villains / 100 Days run.  The most recent feature item was the Baseball Fury from The Warriors.  Always appreciate being featured there (or anywhere)!

Otherwise, I'm still finishing up the Bloodsucka Jones DVD, and trying to find a show to submit some stuffy to.  So if you know of any drop me a line, or if you just wanna gab mail away.


New Things

It's been a while, and I swear I'm going to get back to updating this part of the site more often - no really.

Recently I've been on a tear re-sketching the monsters I've previously posted (but took down) in a new format.  You'll notice more pencil / black and white sketch work sprouting up lately.  Well, that's the direction I'm heading in.  The new stuff is going to be pencil sketches against a colored matte as the pop of color.  I've always loved the simple clean look of pencil sketches, so that's what I'm doing with the re-dos.

The comic book stuff, the tikis and plenty more stuff will still be colored, but there will a good portion looking like the stuff on the "Character One-Offs section in the Gallery.

Otherwise, there's been a whole lot of positive stuff happening for me.  Some stuff I don't wanna say just yet for fear of jinxing it, and some recognition here and there recently. 

Such as this -  If you look on the news scroll to the left, you'll see the "Comet Zombie" drawing from "Night Of The Comet" and some nice words about it!  Love that!  Popping out of the friends and family bubble is always a great thing!

Also, along with the monsters re-dos my new contest "100 Heroes / 100 Days" is starting up on my Facebook page -!  Starting April 21st, there's 100 straight days of movie heroes from all corners of the movie world starting up.  The winner (or the person who guesses the most correct names of characters and movie they're from) will get a free custom sketch of any movie hero they want from me and will be able to go to sleep every night knowing that they're just simply better than everyone else.

And - I will be coloring a new tiki (one every month until done) from The Tiki Room collection, along with preliminary work for my run of DC's Justice League (to go along with The Avengers stuff) kicking up!

So, as usual, check back often, mail me, message me, become a fan on Facebook!

Social Media Frenzy!

Hey guys - over the past two weeks I've been all over the interwebnet getting my stuff out there.  So if you have trouble seeing something here, or aren't a member of this or that there are plenty of ways to check out what I'm doing or what's been done.

I'm on 12 social media sites right now, so at some point, somewhere you'll be abler to see my stuff!

I'm now on...

Facebook, Twitter, Deviant Art, Linked In, Instagram, Etsy, Pinterest, Tumblr, Threadless, Society6, See Me and Fanpop!  So somewhere out there you'll see my stuff floating around!

The shop is open!

Over at Society 6 I now have an official online store where you can but high quality prints of just about everything you see here at my site!  Just go here... 

Andysocial Industries Shop

Browse around and you can purchase any of the items listed! 



The end of the first 100

As the 100 Monsters / 100 Days" spree and contest comes to a close, I have a new "100 Days" projector already being worked on!  Go over to my Facebook page at (Andysocial Industries) or keep checkin' back here to see when it starts and what it is! 

Meanwhile, I'm back on to "The Avengers" project that is just humungous.  I have 76 more to go as today.

As always thanks for checkin' in and taking a look around.  I'll have some music posted and some more "Bloodsucka Jones" clips up here soon. 

100 Days / 100 Monsters Contest

Quick, jump over to Facebook and join in on the guessing fun! 

Every day I post a new monster and the first person that guesses the correct character name and movie they're from receives one point.  At the end of the 100 days the winner will get a free custom monster of their choosing! 

I'll send you the original drawing along scans of the drawing for you to post or use elsewhere, signed and numbered  (free of charge anywhere in the continental U.S.)!

So get over to Andysocial Industries on Facebook or my personal page, Andy Cauble, "like" or "friend" me and get in on it!

Workin' All Over The Place

So I am on hold with the Avengers project right now, in favor of completing the 100 Monsters / 100 Days challenge!  It's in the "Finished and In-Progress Stuff" section at the bottom. 

I just finished sketching out the final 6 cards for the Bloodsucka Jones trading cards that will go into print and on sale in late July, as our movie "Bloodsucka Jones": has a showing a Fright Fest in Kentucky! 

So, I'm still around, just kind of all over the place with projects starting up in every corner of the ol' brain.

I'm Alive!! ALIVE!!

Well now that the alien parasite inside my belly has decided to move on I can actually get to work again.

So back to coloring The Avengers and all the other projects I spoke of earlier.  Finally, I can eat again and be somewhat normal.

Also compiling some ideas for groups of caricatures as well.  Up to right now I've got:
Jedi Masters
Sith Masters
Indiana Jones flicks (haven't decided on any grouping yet)
Justice League (another massive one - dammit)
Legion Of Doom (yet another biggie - crap)
Delta House & Omega House (from Animal House)
Flash Gordon (yep, the 1980 one)
Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 & Army Of Darkness
Movie Monsters (gotta find a way to be more specific)

If you have any other ideas for caricature groups let me know!

And as usual, thanks for stickin' around!

New Stuff Coming!

Working on a new set of caricature sketches right now!

hey are all of the characters from the Mortal Kombat video games!  One of my favorite games to this day, I figured they'd be next on the caricature sets.

Once they're done, I'm gonna go on a coloring binge, hitting up "The Avengers", a set of cards I have yet to post for a movie I helped produce - the one in the Music & Movies section, "Bloodsucka Jones"! and then finally the "Mortal Kombat" group!

onna take a while to get it all done, but its on the way!

Meanwhile I've submitted the Droids Menagerie to several websites in the hopes of getting it into a fan art show somewhere so you can all se it in person before orders are open!

So a lot of stuff going on, but all good!

Sketches Done!

Finally, the sketches for "The Avengers" is done!  Wound up being an even 150 sketches, way more than I anticipated, but hey, at least they're all done and sketched!

No coloring every one, that will be a slow bit by bit kinda process, but at least the biggest step is done!

Go check 'em out if you haven't had a chance to yet in the "Finished & In-Progress" section!


So what's goin' on right now?

Well, aside from trying to figure out the best way to get the news of the Droids Menagerie out there, I've got a couple other things I'm rifling through.

I just finished the Saturday Night Live cast caricatures (they're in the the "Finished & In-Progress) section) that were requested to be sent to the SNL studio in New York!

Kinda cool, I think!

Right now I'm working on "The Avengers" caricatures, a collection of all the Avengers, known and unknown.  Those will take a bit longer to finish because I'm gonna color each one, so it'll be a bit before its done.

However, when those are completed those will also be for sale.  or if you have one you want done right away I can hop on it and we can get it to you as quick as possible.

i also have a bunch of other ideas that are stewing in the brain.  So, yeah, a lot of stuff going on, the least of which is getting ready to print the Droids Menagerie, which is something I'm crazy proud of.

And on the music front, my band, Patsy Baker (I'll post some stuff of ours under Video & Audio on here shortly) has a meeting later this month to get some recording time in a big ol' grown up style studio for a label.  We'll see how that goes, fingers crossed.

And on the movie side, the film me and my friends slaved over for years just had its premiere in Canada to rave reviews.  Crazy excited about that right now.  We have an L.A. premiere on March 9th at Quirkfest that we're plugging for right now and hopefully that goes just as good.

Lotsa great stuff happening - keep checkin' back!  Seems like this year a lot of the work I've put into so many things just may finally pop - we'll see!