So what's goin' on right now?

Well, aside from trying to figure out the best way to get the news of the Droids Menagerie out there, I've got a couple other things I'm rifling through.

I just finished the Saturday Night Live cast caricatures (they're in the the "Finished & In-Progress) section) that were requested to be sent to the SNL studio in New York!

Kinda cool, I think!

Right now I'm working on "The Avengers" caricatures, a collection of all the Avengers, known and unknown.  Those will take a bit longer to finish because I'm gonna color each one, so it'll be a bit before its done.

However, when those are completed those will also be for sale.  or if you have one you want done right away I can hop on it and we can get it to you as quick as possible.

i also have a bunch of other ideas that are stewing in the brain.  So, yeah, a lot of stuff going on, the least of which is getting ready to print the Droids Menagerie, which is something I'm crazy proud of.

And on the music front, my band, Patsy Baker (I'll post some stuff of ours under Video & Audio on here shortly) has a meeting later this month to get some recording time in a big ol' grown up style studio for a label.  We'll see how that goes, fingers crossed.

And on the movie side, the film me and my friends slaved over for years just had its premiere in Canada to rave reviews.  Crazy excited about that right now.  We have an L.A. premiere on March 9th at Quirkfest that we're plugging for right now and hopefully that goes just as good.

Lotsa great stuff happening - keep checkin' back!  Seems like this year a lot of the work I've put into so many things just may finally pop - we'll see!