I'm Alive!! ALIVE!!

Well now that the alien parasite inside my belly has decided to move on I can actually get to work again.

So back to coloring The Avengers and all the other projects I spoke of earlier.  Finally, I can eat again and be somewhat normal.

Also compiling some ideas for groups of caricatures as well.  Up to right now I've got:
Jedi Masters
Sith Masters
Indiana Jones flicks (haven't decided on any grouping yet)
Justice League (another massive one - dammit)
Legion Of Doom (yet another biggie - crap)
Delta House & Omega House (from Animal House)
Flash Gordon (yep, the 1980 one)
Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 & Army Of Darkness
Movie Monsters (gotta find a way to be more specific)

If you have any other ideas for caricature groups let me know!

And as usual, thanks for stickin' around!