New Things

It's been a while, and I swear I'm going to get back to updating this part of the site more often - no really.

Recently I've been on a tear re-sketching the monsters I've previously posted (but took down) in a new format.  You'll notice more pencil / black and white sketch work sprouting up lately.  Well, that's the direction I'm heading in.  The new stuff is going to be pencil sketches against a colored matte as the pop of color.  I've always loved the simple clean look of pencil sketches, so that's what I'm doing with the re-dos.

The comic book stuff, the tikis and plenty more stuff will still be colored, but there will a good portion looking like the stuff on the "Character One-Offs section in the Gallery.

Otherwise, there's been a whole lot of positive stuff happening for me.  Some stuff I don't wanna say just yet for fear of jinxing it, and some recognition here and there recently. 

Such as this -  If you look on the news scroll to the left, you'll see the "Comet Zombie" drawing from "Night Of The Comet" and some nice words about it!  Love that!  Popping out of the friends and family bubble is always a great thing!

Also, along with the monsters re-dos my new contest "100 Heroes / 100 Days" is starting up on my Facebook page -!  Starting April 21st, there's 100 straight days of movie heroes from all corners of the movie world starting up.  The winner (or the person who guesses the most correct names of characters and movie they're from) will get a free custom sketch of any movie hero they want from me and will be able to go to sleep every night knowing that they're just simply better than everyone else.

And - I will be coloring a new tiki (one every month until done) from The Tiki Room collection, along with preliminary work for my run of DC's Justice League (to go along with The Avengers stuff) kicking up!

So, as usual, check back often, mail me, message me, become a fan on Facebook!