So What's Going On? Well...

Been a while since I updated everyone on here, but it looks like virtually nobody reads these anyway, so hey, for the few that may - here ya go.

Right now I'm working on a new menu for The Doughroom up in L.A..  I just finished a logo for their other restaurant, "Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen".  They're great people and when they re-open after this remodel one of my drawings (the Johnny Lawrence from the 100 Villains / 100 Days run) will be up on the wall.

When they get going, I will also be having a small show for some of my stuff there as well - which is hugely exciting.

So there's that, and the 1`00 Heroes. 100 Days run is also going on right now.  jump[ over to Facebook to take part in that.  Society 6 also featured a couple of my drawings from the 100 Villains / 100 Days run.  The most recent feature item was the Baseball Fury from The Warriors.  Always appreciate being featured there (or anywhere)!

Otherwise, I'm still finishing up the Bloodsucka Jones DVD, and trying to find a show to submit some stuffy to.  So if you know of any drop me a line, or if you just wanna gab mail away.