"Monsters & Maniacs" Game Instructions

Click on the version you would like to know more about to get an enlarged version of that game's rules.


     This is the most basic game and the easiest to pick up (not like the other version are that difficult, but you know what I mean).  If you see me at a show this is the mode I'll demo because it's super fast to learn and get hooked on.  The most simple, addictive and quick to get playing.

Three Down!

     Wanna play the game with a touch more strategy to it?  This is the way to go.  In essence, you're still hoping that you picked (and have) better cards than your opponent, but there's a little more to it in this version.  I recommend playing this version with 4 or more people.

Team War!

     If you like the War! version of the game,  (but you want to get through it a little quicker, this is a great way to play.  You flip[ the same way, from a blind deck.  This version creates random teams of characters that go against your opponent's teams three at a time.