Growing up, I spent a healthy chunk of my weekend time (and time before and after school, and summer) picking up a sketchpad and watching cartoons, teaching myself how to draw everything I saw.  I would imitate the cartoon voices and doodle away until my tiny brain, or my hands, or anyone around me couldn't stand it any more.


   I took a couple life drawing classes, some cartooning ones, but mostly learned what I know by myself, watching how others went about their work and putting in a crazy amount of practice drawing whenever, whatever and whomever I could.

   As time went on, I had to get a "normal" job, well normal jobs, and make some money for stupid things like eating.  I worked with my Pop setting tile when I was a kid, sauntered around in a bunch of record stores (Licorice Pizza, Sam Goody, Music Plus, Tower Records), worked briefly as an insurance fraud investigator, worked at a recording studio up in L.A. until the bullshit of that business broke me, sat dazed at a telephone survey place for a bit, and spent some years working at an AV company too.

   Then one day, sitting there, going over invoices for people that I couldn't stand any more, I decided it was time to break off and gamble on doing what I've loved my whole life, drawing, making music and making movies.

   So now with a movie, "Bloodsucka Jones" released, a sequel on the way and the drawing / design thing sheepishly paying a bill here and there, things are movin' along.